A lot of children these days prefer to spend their leisure time indoors, playing video games or surfing on smartphones.

However, research has indicated that spending a lot of time indoors could adversely affect children’s mental and physical development. On the contrary, spending time outdoors could help kids develop a well-rounded personality.

If you are looking for a good way to encourage your child to go outside, get her some garden toys such as paddling pools and sandpits.

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Let’s look at the top five benefits of outdoor games for children.

Promotes Physical Development

Engaging in outdoor activities and games can help children stay active, physically and psychologically. Playing with garden toys helps fortify their bones and muscles, bolster immunity, boost stamina and improve health in general.

Outdoor play can help bring down the risks of several lifestyle diseases including obesity, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.

The exposure to the sun helps get vitamin D, an important nutrient that helps check the incidence of rickets.

Helps Boost Learning Skills

Playing with bouncy castles or riding a toy bike or scooter helps develop and fine-tune your kid’s learning capabilities.

When your little one regularly steps outside to play games, he picks up significant life skills. By imbibing new information and exploring his immediate environment, your child acquires an analytical outlook.

Help Develop a Positive Attitude

When children go outside, they tend to remain cheerful and lively. Participating in outdoor games also inculcates social skills. Kids that routinely play outdoors also go on to take an optimistic approach.

Can Help Inculcate Creativity

Encourage your child to play with a range of garden toys to help him make the most of his creative skills. Children who regularly play outside have better cognitive and functional motor skills compared to kids who don’t.

Personality Development

Outdoor games play a key role in enabling the all-round development of a kid’s persona. Children develop the abilities to handle tricky and difficult situations independently. By playing games outdoors, children become self-sufficient and independent.

They learn how to cope with emergencies and handle unfamiliar situations without adult supervision.