You’ll be able to enjoy television programmes better if you mount your flat-panel LCD or LED TV on the wall. For a start, it offers better range of viewing, no matter wherever you position yourself in the room. Wall-mounting the TV also allows you to make efficient use of space.

Moreover, a wall-mounted TV tends to be more secure compared to a set positioned atop a home theatre system. Follow these DIY tips if you want to wall-mount the TV yourself.

Make Sure you have all the Tools Ready Before You Start

You’ll need a power drill, stud finder; masonry bit, drill bit, painters’ tape, level, and TV mount for setting up the flat screen by yourself

Wall mounting the flat screen could be a daunting task if you take the DIY route. Therefore, professional help is strongly recommended.

Choose where the TV will be Mounted   

It’s extremely crucial that you mount the flat-panel in the right position. Positioning the TV accurately offers you the widest viewing range. Keep in mind that your viewing cone makes a considerable impact on how you see and perceive the images.

Not getting the location right means you’ll have to restart from scratch, which could be very frustrating. Furthermore, you don’t want the wall to be pockmarked with holes. A good idea would be to position the TV above the fireplace.

Use a Stud Finder to Trace the Wall Studs

Try to trace wall studs using a stud finder. Ensure to locate at least two such studs. Once you do, mark the locations with the help of a painters or masking tape.

Use a Drill to make Holes

Now, you’ll have to bore tiny holes before you can wedge in mounting rivets. Ask a family member or a friend to help you position the mounting frame on the wall and ensure that it’s straight. You’ll need a level for correctly positioning the bracket.

Use masking tape for marking the spots where you’ll drill holes. Fasten a drill bit to your power drill for boring holes.

Affix the Mounting Frame on the Wall

Again, place the mount properly, and drive the mounting press-studs into the openings you created. This is one task that requires professional assistance.

Fasten the Mounting Plate to the Flat-Screen

Take out the detachable TV stand and affix the mounting plate using the hardware supplied with the pack.

Mount the Flat-Panel Very Carefully

Contrary to what you may think, a flat-screen could be quite hefty for you to lift all by yourself. Make sure there is someone around to help you while you install the TV per the manufacturer’s guidelines.