Assembling pieces of flat pack furniture is easier said than done as many people struggle to put the pieces together. One inadvertent mistake in assembly could prove costly; it could damage the flat pack, necessitating you to spend more than you should. However, furniture assembly may not be as challenging as it is made out to be.

Keep these practical tips in mind to put together your flat pack furniture on your own.

Prepare in Advance

At the outset, make up your mind on the type, style, and size of furniture you’d want to install. Take precise measurements of the area where you will position the flat pack. Furthermore, make sure you have sufficient space to work.

Make Space for Assembly

Be sure to assemble the flat pack in the room where you want to place the furniture. If the final piece is larger than the entryway to your room, it may cause unwarranted damage. You may even have to go through the hassle of taking it apart and putting it together.

Keep the Appropriate Tools Handy

Your flat pack consignment will be delivered to you along with the essential tools necessary to join the distinct parts. Some of the basic tools include an Allen key, hammer, rubber mallet, wrench, Philips-head screwdriver and a flathead screwdriver. You may have to buy a few tools to connect the parts of a sophisticated item.

Empty Out the Package

Cut open the pasteboard containers very carefully so as to avoid damaging or scratching the pieces inside. Once you’ve unpacked all the cardboard boxes, check to ensure that all the flat pack components are present. Flatten the box containers and lay them on the floor to steady the pieces and also to shield the floor from grazes.


Once unpacked, identify the different sections and sort them in terms of their functionality. You may also want to segregate the various nuts and bolts, knobs, washers, screws, caps, and cam bolts, and keep them in separate cups.

Read the Instructions Carefully

Your flat pack box pack will come with an instruction manual providing guidance on how to assemble the parts. The manual may also include illustrations that’ll give you a good idea about the process. There’s no gainsaying that you should read and follow the guidelines strictly.

Seek Professional Help

Don’t feel embarrassed to seek professional help if you find the DIY task of assembling the flat pack quite daunting.

If you don’t feel confident about doing the job yourself, be sure to hire a furniture assembly services company. Engaging an experienced assembler will give you peace of mind as you know that the professional will complete the job effectively.