Hanging shelves is a smart way to create storage space in your home. Not only are they practical but they beautify your space.

Installing a hanging shelf becomes easy when you know the steps involved. This handy guide will help make the job easy and simple for you.

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Tools You’ll Need for Hanging Shelves

You will need the following tools and materials to complete your project:

Hanging Shelves

If you’re a novice, you’ll need to follow the steps carefully. So, you’ll have to exercise patience as completing the entire process could take time. If you know your way around tools, you’ll be through in an hour or so.

Decide where you’ll hang the shelves:

First, decide where you’d want to install the shelves. Next, consider the weight of the shelf as well as the type/size of the items you’ll place on it. Make use of wall anchors or studs to install the shelves firmly and securely. The stud finder helps pinpoint the studs close to the spot where the shelf will go up.

Pencil the placement:

Ask a friend or family member to assist you with holding the shelf in place. The level comes in handy for holding/placing the shelf at a right angle to the wall. Maintain the position and use a pencil to outline the shelf’s base.

Pencil out the openings for wall brackets:

Now, mark out the holes for the wall brackets. Now place the brackets on the outline, and mark the openings for brackets. These markings define the profile where you’ll use the drill.

Bore the openings:

Run the electric drill over the markings to bore preliminary holes. Position the screws cautiously in the holes and drive them inside using the screwdriver. Take out the screws once you’ve created the holes.

Attach the brackets:

Place the brackets in their marked positions, and slot in the screws through the slits. Rivet the screws inside the holes. However, be careful not to twist them too firmly as it could dent the wall.

Wipe out the pencil markings:

After you’re through, erase the pencil marks and clear the dust.

Install your shelves:

Position the shelf atop the brackets and ensure it is perfectly balanced. If the brackets have slits on top, slot in extra screws for a firmer fit. So, there you are-your shelf stands fixed on the wall.